Friday, July 18, 2008


The summer months are a liminal phase in which we float between the stages of our lives. We are neither here nor there. Instead, we are becoming and going. We live without rules because the boundaries of certain categories no longer apply to us. Transitions slide behind our eyes, and we laugh and laugh and laugh without realizing how much we're changing or what new perspectives are being projected into our retinas due to the liminality that heat brings. There is an absence of structure and definition, so for three months we live, act, and react with one another in ways that are usually not accepted once we move beyond the liminal phase. Once it's all gone, once we've transitioned into the next phase, our lives are once again controlled by the forces of society. We must follow rules and fall away from the common things we shared based on common humanity and equality rather than recognized hierarchy. We lose a blissful lack of distance until the next time our lives buck and throw us into another whirlpool existence which we wouldn't have if we didn't all have each other to coexist and play with.


And so I still love this summer muse.

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